We are passionate
With a dedicated team of highly talented professionals, Shadhin Tech has built a reputation on providing unique solutions.
Provide Unique Solutions
By providing unique solutions to meet the ever-growing demands of the fast-paced, global technology environment.
Experienced in digital products
Our expert designers and developers can provide you with all-encompassing solutions to put you in control of your business.
Cost Effective
Enables you to implement the most cost- effective resourcing solution without compromising on quality.
Innovative and Skilled
Delivering the most effective and innovative technology solutions to our clients.
Committed & Renowned
Committed to provide the most unique solution to the emerging technology challenges.


We are powered by innovation


We are poses and guided by integrity


Deliver quality and unique solutions


Experienced, day dreamer, hunger to achieve goals


Professional Work

Founded in 2010, Shadhintech has been working with leading agencies all over the world to provide unique digital solutions to clients large and small. With strong commitment to achieve excellence and aspiration to go beyond the goals.

Who We Are

We are passionate about the work we do and always strive to have a flexible approach for the clients  so that we can imagine your dream. We are owered by innovation, guided by integrity, deliver quality solutions to build The Digital Delta.

We are maintain the leading software solution provider ensuring benefit of customers, shareholders and employees. Help to Developing, disseminating and exploiting the remarkable experience, expertise and knowledge of all of our people.  Developing a distinctive competence in process development and project management.

What We Do

Our mission is to originate & produce some unique IT products that will re-present Bangladesh as a role model in the World of ICT.

As we continue to meet our goal of being the largest ICT solution provider in Bangladesh. In future, we’re targeting to build an IT generated New Generation who may serve our country for a long times with skill and creativity.

Provides a unique IT experience to the customers in the world which focuses on customer satisfaction first.

May 2010
Started Our Journey
Founded year of shadhintech and brings successful track record of delivering innovative and cost-effective technical services.
Jule 2014
Our Serviving Moments
Generate most of our specific and fine-tuned skill. Make us passionate and professional towards dream.
April 2017
We are confident much about our work and  make us aware that “We Can Do”

Semantic Core

We are in strong commitment to achieve excellence and aspiration to go beyond the goals.

We pride ourselves in providing unique bespoke solutions to our clients. At shadhintech we are:

  • A team of friendly, progressive and fast-paced people.
  • Passionate about latest technologies.
  • Committed to create the most effective solutions that stand the test of time.


We treat our customer as our family. They are part of us, our all customer are satisfied for our service and schedule contact. We listen more, care their feelings and more.
After getting your respond,  we will take care everything and contact with you as quickly as possible. If you feel any question can contact with us now.

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